EN How to git stash one file and add a message

Git stash might be one of the most useful git commands in my opinion. We can understand git stash as a drawer where we want to keep temporarily some work done in a file (or multiple files) to keep on working on it afterwards. The common use is: [...] To store everything in the working directory (meaning "everything tracked", which is everything that is not committed but new files not tracked yet)....

EN How to filter GitHub issues other people made in your repository

Actually, there are a lot of keywords and special syntax you may use to filter on your GitHub issues and pull requests, but this one seemed to be highly useful for me at one point, and might be also for you. Also, if you are a maintainer of an OOS repository, you might want to filter all your issues or PRs out to see what is left. And here it is: (Notice the - sign, which means "exclusion") [...] It is als...

EN Setting up a Nuxt Blog with Netlify, Netlify-CMS and Netlify Identity.

1. Github account First you need to publish the repository to Github. So If you don't have a Github account yet, go create one. 2. Template If you are using Nuxt, any template will do the job. Remember to hide anything you don't want to be published in the .gitignore first (check mine, for example). I used this one as inspiration. I would recommend to use it for the scaffolding: