How to filter GitHub issues other people made in your repository

☕️️ 2 mins read

Actually, there are a lot of keywords and special syntax you may use to filter your GitHub issues and pull requests, but this one seemed to be highly useful for me at one point and might be also for you. Also, if you are a maintainer of an OOS repository, you might want to filter all your issues or PRs out to see what is left.

And here it is: (Notice the - sign, which means "exclusion")

is:issue is:open -author:<YOUR_GITHUB_USER>

It is also "case insensitive", which means -author:josh is the same as -author:Josh.

This is the Documentation for the "exclusion" syntax:

This is one of the references for filtering issues and PRs:

I hope this helps you to filter your issues and PRs on GitHub.