Hi! I'm Paul Melero, Engineer, Web Developer and Visual Artist.

About Graficos.NET and me >

This is Paul Melero's website. You may know me as @paul_melero or gangsthub. The first version of this site was made by me in the early 2000's. Yes, I was and I am a proud self-taught geek. I've also studied Agriculture Engineering among other things. I'm a father of two, and I'm married to a wonderful person.

I'm a Web Developer and engineer with a passion for technology and the Web. I've been working in the tech industry for more than 10 years, and I've seen a lot of changes. I've worked with many technologies, but I'm currently focused on JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, and Nuxt.

In case you are interested, I have also prepared an online version of my CV 📝.

This site is made with Nuxt, a Vue.js framework, and it's hosted on Netlify. Be sure you check the source code, as it is open source.

I invite you to check my blog where I share my thoughts about technology, web development, and other things.